Air Conditioning Service Plans

Help ease the pain of high, unforeseen repair bills with Dominick's comprehensive air conditioning service plans.

Our Air Conditioning Service plan include an annual tune-up, plus the significant addition of major air conditioning parts/services. It also provides maximum protection and peace of mind as well as coverage of 16 valuable parts and services! In addition, this plan includes a 15 percent discount on air conditioner repairs, performed by Dominick, not covered under this plan.

 Combo Air Conditioning / Hydro-Air Add-On Plan

Hydro air technology combines the best of hot water and hot air heating. Heat is generated by a boiler but distributed as heated air. The heated water is piped through an air handler where the heat is transferred from hot water coils to the air, which is then distributed to rooms through ductwork. If a central air conditioning system is integrated, the ducts perform double duty for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Dominick's Combo Air Conditioning/Hydro-Air Add-On Plan covers all the parts listed under the Air Conditioning Service Plan, plus labor for this type of system.

 Combo Air Conditioning / Furnace Add-On Plan

This add-on plan includes a comprehensive maintenance check for both your oil-fired furnace and air conditioner when combined with a primary heating plan or extended protection heating plan, plus one year's protection from costly furnace or A/C repairs. Dominick's Combo Air Conditioning/Furnace Add-On Plan covers all the parts listed under the Air Conditioning Service Plan plus labor for this type of system.


Loyalty Credits

You will earn a $50 credit every year you purchase a service plan from us (maximum value $500). These loyalty credits can be used toward the purchase of new equipment (see chart below listing the allowable credits per item). Credits are not transferable and the value can only go toward purchases of the following equipment from Dominick.

Air Conditioning Condenser: $200
Central Air Conditioning System: $500
UV Light Installation: $50
Air Handler: $200
Electronic Air Filter Installation: $100
Humidifier installation: $50