propane_mock.pngAutomatic Delivery

Let us keep track of when you need a fuel delivery. Our computer is designed to automatically calculate when you’ll need each delivery of fuel throughout the year. When you're on automatic delivery, it’s our responsibility to keep fuel in your tank at all times. If by any chance you run out of fuel while on automatic delivery, we will fill your tank with no additional delivery charge.


Will Call Customers

Those customers not on our automatic delivery program are called “will-call customers.” This means that you will not receive a delivery unless you call us and place an order. It is very important to remember that our delivery truck may only be in your area once a week. If you place an order Monday afternoon, we may have already had a truck in your area, meaning your next normal delivery window could be several days away. Cooperation in ordering while you still have an ample supply to meet your needs is essential.

  • We recommend that you call us to place an order when your tank’s gauge reads 30-35 percent. This should give you enough supply until we arrive with your delivery, and exclude any additional delivery charges.

  • To avoid additional delivery charges, 4 business days are required to process delivery requests, because driver routes are planned in advance. That does not mean you will always need to wait all 4 business days, but it can be up to 4 business days.

  • If we must make a delivery because a will call customer runs out of product during normal delivery hours, a $149.00 prepaid delivery charge will apply. For a delivery after normal delivery hours, a $279.00 prepaid delivery charge will be required. In addition, regardless of the time of day, a leak check will be performed for a cost of $99.00.

  • You must order a minimum of 200 gallons or a full fill if your tank does not hold 200 gallons. If the gauge reads more than 35 percent on a tank that holds less than 200 gallons, an additional charge of $69.00 will be applied.

  • Please note that all fees as noted above, the cost of any new gas delivered, as well as any outstanding balance on the account, MUST be paid in full at the time of delivery.

We deliver propane, lease storage tanks and repair heating equipment for homeowners and businesses from Greenwich and Darien to Westport and Weston. See where we deliver, and then call for more information.