Leasing Your Propane Tank (above ground propane tanks only)

Leasing your Propane tank from Dominick provides you with a more convenient way to take care of your energy equipment and with much lower upfront costs. When you choose this option, it is our responsibility to service and inspect your tank routinely for maximum safety and minimum hassle. Leasing presents the greatest convenience when it comes to your propane storage and peace of mind. However, at this time we do not offer a lease option for underground tanks.


Owning Your Propane Tank

Purchasing your tank is an option but only if you are prepared to arrange for safety inspections and service when necessary. This option has more upfront costs, and all the responsibility rests on the homeowner. The most important aspect of buying a propane tank is monitoring the equipment and scheduling service to ensure it continues to operate safely with the rest of your propane-fueled equipment on your property. Because of this, we recommend leasing a tank, so it is our responsibility to maintain the equipment. However, at this time we do not offer a lease option for underground tanks.

For underground tank cathodic protection information, visit our Propane Safety Tips page.

We can help you decide which option is best for your budget and lifestyle. Give us a call at 203-866-5836 to speak with a representative.