Capped Price

Your maximum (or capped) price is set for a specific number of gallons that you predetermine.

  • Pros - If the price of oil goes up, you are protected by the capped price; if the price of oil goes down, you will receive the lower price thanks to downside protection.

  • Cons - An upfront fee is required for protection.

In order to give you a Capped Price, we have to purchase your protection in advance. Due to the unpredictability in the market, we must have your signed commitment before we can commit to our suppliers. You will be charged a fee to secure your capped price based on the number of gallons protected.


When determining the number of gallons for your Capped Price, we recommend you secure no more than your annual usage. Your contract will be generated using this recommended usage, but you have the flexibility to change the protected amount of gallons. This price protection program requires automatic delivery and is subject to terms and conditions.