ecobee.pngDominick installs some of the most technologically advanced thermostats in the home comfort industry. These “smart thermostats” are designed with customer convenience, comfort and savings in mind, which is why we recommend them so highly. Connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to one of these devices and experience home comfort like never before.


 ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat

ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat


Looking for a smart way to reduce your energy costs by more than 20 percent while also improving your home comfort levels across the board? Introducing the ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat: easier to use than a programmable thermostat and capable of maximizing your comfort and savings without compromising your lifestyle.

Whereas even some smart thermostats only monitor the temperature in one room, leading to uneven conditions throughout your home, the ecobee was built to deliver superior whole-home comfort. Here are just a few of its biggest benefits: 

  • Uses remote sensors to read temperatures throughout the home
  • Automatically responds to changes in weather conditions
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs by an average of 23 percent
  • Accessible and adjustable via smartphone
  • Responds to Siri voice commands
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit smart home products

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 Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

nestThermo.jpgDominick is a certified installer of the Nest Learning Thermostat. This isn't your ordinary thermostat - it's radically different. By programming itself, it keeps you comfortable and helps you save energy ... and money. 

  • It does not look like your standard thermostat: The Nest is round with a domed glass screen and a mirror finish that reflects your wall. Its screen glows orange when it's heating and blue when it's cooling. And, it goes on when you approach it and goes dark when nobody's nearby.

  • It has Wi-Fi: The Nest can download software updates and you can program it on a website. You can also use a free iPhone or Android app to set the temperature from anywhere in the world.

  • nestLogo.pngIt "learns" how you like your settings: The Nest programs itself by "learning" from your manual adjustments (hence its name) - so it sets its own schedule based on your living patterns.

  • It works with sensors: The Nest's "Auto Away" feature uses sensors to detect whether you're actually in the room. The Nest then adjusts the temperature according to your preset limits.

Click here to read more about the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Of course, we also install several “old reliable” models — basic programmable thermostats that allow you to schedule “home” and “away” times, but don’t provide the same accessibility as their “smart thermostat” counterparts. No matter which thermostat you choose, you can rest assured that your heating and cooling comfort is in good hands with Dominick.