gaslog.jpgMain Monitor Remote Propane Monitoring 

Let Dominick manage your propane levels with certainty with Main Monitor Remote Propane Monitoring. Main Monitor features an advanced telemetry system that provides real-time data regarding your propane levels, sending us continuous usage information through existing telecommunications networks. With Main Monitor, we’ll not only know exactly when you need a propane refill, but will also gather valuable data regarding usage, pressure, temperature and other variables.

Main Monitor is especially valuable for:

 Emergency Generators

Since we can’t know exactly when you experience power outages, how many, or for how long, it’s difficult to track the propane use for your emergency backup generator. Why risk the possibility of a runout when you need propane most? With Main Monitor, we’ll know exactly how much fuel is in your generator’s tank, ensuring that your family will be protected when crisis strikes. 

 Propane Pool Heaters

Propane usage for pool heaters is nearly impossible for a propane supplier to predict. Peak consumption typically occurs on weekends, holidays and when guests visit. But inclement weather can change your plans and your propane usage pattern. You want to serve your guests ice water to drink, not have them cannonball into it! With Main Monitor, you can be sure your pool will be warm, welcoming and ready to entertain.

 Second Homes

When propane is used to heat a primary residence, degree days can be an accurate way to estimate usage. However, second homes are subject to long periods of low-usage mixed with times of heavy consumption. The last thing you want is a no-heat situation when you finally escape on that relaxing weekend, or a frozen or burst pipe caused by a heating outage that happened when you were back at your primary residence! Main Monitor ensures that your home away from home will be protected throughout the year and ready to welcome you and your guests at any time.


Main Monitor is also perfect for commercial applications like propane refill stations, restaurants and greenhouses, where propane use can fluctuate wildly and a runout can mean disaster.

Why jeopardize your comfort? Put your mind at ease with the certainty of Main Monitor Remote Propane Monitoring from Dominick.