Questions About Oil Tanks


Q: Are residential heating oil tanks regulated in Connecticut?

A: No, currently, in-ground residential heating oil tanks are not regulated.

Q: What is the life expectancy of an in-ground heating oil tank?

A: New tanks have a 30-year life expectancy (this would be on a STIP 3 cathodically protected tank). For older tanks (generally older than 1985), the rule of thumb is 15-20 years, but it would depend on the surroundings of the tank. A tank sitting in water will most likely fail before a tank in dry ground.

Q: How much does it cost to remove and replace an in-ground heating oil tank?

A: A 550-gallon in-ground heating oil tank under grass and no obstructions, with no ground contamination: ballpark price $1,300.00 to remove it, test the soil, fill in the hole, and seed. Ballpark to install a 275-gallon tank above-ground is around $2,200.00. These prices are very rough figures. Since each job is different you should have us come to the house and give a written proposal.

Q: What happens if I pull my heating oil tank out of the ground and we discover ground contamination?

A: A licensed tank removal company removes all the contaminated soil and replaces it with clean dirt.

Q: Does D.E.P. have to get involved?

A: Yes, but all they want to know is that a licensed contractor is on the job and that he disposes the contaminated dirt properly and provides the correct documentation.


Click here for information about residential heating oil storage tanks from the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.