Dominick is proud to bring you the best quality fuels available. Please click on a link below or watch our informative videos to learn more.

 Bioheat® Heating Oil

Bioheat® Heating Oil

bioheat.pngWe are proud to offer clean, green Bioheat heating oil. Domestically produced from a blend of heating oil and soybean/vegetable oil, this renewable, biodegradable energy source is not only good for the environment and for America, but it will also treat your heating system like no other heating oil will. Bioheat heating oil burns cleaner than already-clean regular heating oil ... produces more heat ... costs the same ... and doesn't require any heating system modifications.

Bioheat Heating Oil Benefits

  • It is domestically grown, which supports American agriculture and limits our dependence on foreign fuel.

  • Bioheat heating oil burns cleaner than regular heating oil - meaning that it contains almost no sulfur, and significantly reduces emissions that contribute to air pollution and global warming.

  • You do not need to make any modifications to your furnace or boiler.

  • Bioheat heating oil has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel for extremely satisfying warmth.

  • It isn't more expensive - Bioheat heating oil costs the same as heating oil.

For more information on our Bioheat heating oil, please visit or contact us. And for more ways to "think green," click here.

 Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel

Dominick offers both summer and winter grades of diesel. The summer grade is thermally stable, containing excellent lubricity and detergent/dispersant properties. It combats injector deposits and excessive wear, and reduces sludge formation that plugs filters. The winter grade contains anti-icing and anti-gel additives.

 UltraGuard Fuel Additive

ultraGuard.pngUltraGuard Fuel Additive

At Dominick, we treat our premium heating oil with the UltraGuard additive - to serve you better. UltraGuard improves your heating system's performance and extends service cycles, which means fewer equipment breakdowns. And UltraGuard cleans your system while it heats your home. The result? A more efficient heating system ... and lower fuel bills!