What Exactly is Yearly Air Conditioning System Maintenance?


Like a car, a air conditioning system requires periodic preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns and unsafe conditions, as well as to achieve optimum efficiency. When a knowledgeable technician inspects a system, they can detect and repair small problems that could lead to expensive repairs if not fixed - saving the owner thousands of dollars.

A well-maintained system also lowers your energy costs, because it requires less energy to deliver the same level of comfort. Depending on the equipment, a tune-up can reduce electricity consumption by 5 percent to 10 percent.

Annual tune-ups also help you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are extending the life of your valuable equipment, saving energy, and reducing the chance of a system failure at a critical time.

Preventive maintenance is included in all Dominick Service Plans.

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 Central Air Conditioning

During annual maintenance for a central air conditioning system, a technician should perform the following 13 point Tune-Up, in the Spring:

  1. Lubricate & check all moving parts, including bearings, blower motor, condenser fan (and adjust belt, if applicable).
  2. Evaluate condition of air filters; replace with standard disposable fiberglass filters (if applicable).
  3. Check evaporator coil.
  4. Check refrigerant charge; additional refrigerant requires an extra charge plus labor.
  5. Test "temperature drop" at return and supply air.
  6. Install gauges and check operating pressures.
  7. Check condensate to make sure draining at the time of visit to help protect against overflow.
  8. Tighten and safety test all wires and connections.
  9. Check controls for proper operation.
  10. Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.
  11. Inspect, start and run capacitors and inspect relays for bulges, rust and leaks.
  12. Check outdoor condenser coil.
  13. Inform customer of equipment condition. Recommend repairs when necessary.

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