Customer Testimonials


Thank you for your prompt and very courteous response to our telephone call for service on Friday, February 15th. We had no heat in one of our zones and when I called for service mentioned that we had to leave our home by 11:00a.m. You were so kind to have someone here before our departure time and also to have sent a very capable and courteous service technician. Robert did his work efficiently, courteously and had a wonderful sense of humor. I think we all appreciate having people like that around when we are in need. Again, thank all of you for taking such good care of your customers and keep up the good work.

Mary Ann H. - Stamford, CT

This is just to let you know that I continue to be very satisfied with your service and attention to our needs and schedules. Your service representatives, most recently Mark, make me very comfortable that our systems are getting the reviews and maintenance that are required. I would have no qualms in recommending your company.

Ulf A. - New Canaan, CT

We've been using Dominick for many, many years. There's no need to cite a specific event because it's easy to generalize about their service. Whenever we have a problem with our oil heating system it's handled with speed and efficiency. And the regular clean-outs and maintenance are done with courtesy and concern for our comfort.

It's easy to recommend Dominick to friends and neighbors.

Bonnie T. - Norwalk, CT

Just a note to say how pleased we were with our annual service by your service representative, Jose Montoya. He is professional and knowledgeable and in a business where service separates one provider from another, your service department should be very pleased that Jose is playing for your Team.

Mr. Milan C - Rowayton, CT

Wanted to tell you about your technician Al, who has done a great job on my furnace over the last three years. He is very thorough, very neat and knowledgeable. I really appreciate the job he has done and thought you guys should know.

Patti M.

A note of thanks for the recent service call at my home. Starting with a pleasant receptionist regarding no heat to watching Chris doggedly getting the system to work, it was impressive. Your firm obviously understands what service is all about.

Well done,

Dick - Rowayton, CT.

To the Dominick Team,

We are very pleased with the new heating and air conditioning system you recently installed. The system is running great and was installed in a high quality, timely and efficient manner.

Bob H. - New Canaan, CT

I have been very happy with Dominick Oil. My thermostat wasn't working as far as temp. set versus the heat given in my house. They replaced what was needed, and were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They also changed a filter for me in a very high place, and Devlin F explained my entire heating system to me. He even labelled my pipes to identify which zone was for which space. I am pleased with their work and would confidently recommend Dominick Oil.

Susan C., satisfied customer - Stamford, CT

We were very satisfied with the team doing the installation — we had been serviced by Ted numerous times over the years and knew we would get a quality installation. And we received an informative "how to" at the end of the work — also, an A-1 clean-up as well as a 100-piece removal of all old equipment.

The boiler is in place now for a full 11 days with no hiccups — impressive.

Thanks again to the A-team!

Bob & Jane - Stamford, CT

We got hit with super storm Sandy. Massive damage. Dominick was a life saver. Kept us with heat during very trying and busy times. They have been great. A friend in need; so to speak!

Bob R. - Westport, CT.

We have done business with Dominick since the early 1990s. They deliver oil. They care for our heating and air conditioning systems. They come out in all weather to make repairs. They even came at 3:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve. They have never failed to meet a commitment. We think so well of them that we leave the door unlocked for them, if we are not going to be about.

Arthur S. - New Canaan

Have been a customer of Dominick, Inc. for 40 years. Family business that treats customers as they would like to be treated. Company and employees have always been fair, honest and do good work when promised. Always respond to your needs promptly. Office personel and technicians are friendly and professional. A business that is run 'old school' -- the way dedicated people used to run a business. Highly recommended.

Peter C. - Norwalk, CT

I received excellent service and customer care. Al took the time during the cleaning to explain the importance of his service to the furnace. His knowledge of oil burner maintenance is outstanding.

Laura P. - Stamford, CT

I am really very happy with the service that Dominicks provides me. Mike D. was just here to perform my annual maintenance. He did a fantastic job, and took the time to answer any questions that I had concerning my boiler and the different types of new boilers available now. What a professional; he certainly knows what he is talking about! I want him to come back the next time I need service!

Gerard - Norwalk, CT

I think your service guy was very professional and fixed the air conditioning problem for us quickly. Very nice guy! We appreciate him coming out the next day from when I called. Thanks for good service!

Vera R. - Westport, CT

Alvaro plus a helper serviced our units this past week. As in the past, he did an excellent job. He also suggested a remedy to reduce sludge in our tanks. Several years ago, after having service in to unclog the fuel injectors, he suggested we install a filter on each one of our units. We did plus had the distribution lines rerouted. Service calls were reduced and the units were not starved for fuel. We are very pleased with him and your other servicemen. So far, he is the best you have.

J. Traina

E-mail From: Sherlyn Celon
Subject: Thanks for fixing our furnace!!!

Ahh...heat. Thanks so much Mike, Ted and Bob for fixing our furnace last week!!! Now we have heat!!! YEAH!!!

Norbu and Chloe haven't moved from the heat vent in our kitchen. I think they are thawing out still. LOL That or they think it's a sauna treatment. LOL

Happy holidays!

Sherlyn, Norbu, & Chloe C.

Hi Randy and Mike.
Dwight just left my house after coming over here twice in as many days, both times at very short notice. He fixed a problem that has been an issue for years, but that nobody else had ever noticed/diagnosed/repaired. And it was all due, simply, to an incorrectly attached wire!
We have lived in this house for 16 years and since day one we have had endless and countless issues with our HV/AC system. I am so happy that we have now turned over all service and maintenance to to Dominick Fuel. (You are at least our 3rd provider). I’m so impressed with you guys, and very very appreciative of your services and your technicians!
Thank you!!

Susan S.

Thank you so much Devlin, Ted and Dominick. In Feb, two water pipes froze and broke inside our house (in a master bathroom overhang). Water ran down thru the walls, ceilings, floors and also into heating ductwork. Dominick Fuel immediately sent Ted and Devlin over to inspect the system. They alleviated my fears and showed me there was no internal damage and replaced all the wet ductwork. I'd already called another plumber to fix the broken water lines, but after waiting for 2+ days for them to show up and then being grossly overcharged, I quickly called Dominick Fuel back to do the rest of the work needed. Fortunately, my insurance covered "preventative measures" after remediation revealed the poor placement of the existing pipes (against the exterior walls/floor). Devlin was the lead plumber for the job and he exceeded my expectations with his communication, knowledge, expertise and solutions in the repair and ways to prevent this from happening again. Devlin and Dominick repiped the entire bathroom with pex-pipe and rerouted some pipes to protect them from re-freezing and added extra shut-off valves in the basement for that bathroom in case of a future emergency. (With well water, power failures, etc... you never know!) They did fabulous work! Problems solved!! Fears Alleviated! I can't wait to use Devlin again when I remodel my kitchen:)

We've been customers for over 4 years for oil delivery, heater/ac and water-heater maintenance and now for Plumbing!. After using 5 different plumbers and 2 other oil company's in Fairfield County in the past 8 years, I can honestly say none can compare to the customer service, professionalism, competence, quality-of-care and workmanship of Dominick Fuel's on-site workers and in-office staff.

Elaine's testimonial was so great that we asked her if we could put it in our newsletter, and the reply she sent was just as nice, so we figured why not include it here as well?

Hi Joey,

Of course you can repost or publish any/all of my previous review. You guys really are the best in the business and understand what "Customer Service" means to your customers. Others may talk a good game but few can deliver.

I've moved 14+ times in the past 31 years with my husband, and lived in 10 different cities (in 2 countries). I've had volumes of bad experiences in setting up a home with many different service providers... and when a company and more importantly its employees deliver a great service and superior workmanship and provide a great experience they deserve the time and attention it takes to write a thoughtful commendation. Your employees are your greatest assets, they will define the "character" of your business; but your customers are the ones who will define your business' "reputation."

Thanks again for being there and delivering on services, promises and exceeding expectations. I'm happy to be a reference any time.

Best regards,

Elaine G. - Weston, CT

Hi Mike.

Dom and his colleague just left my house having fixed the problem with my AC. He explained what had likely happened and it turns out it was just a coincidence that the issue came to light on the same day he'd been here dealing with the heating system. We only discovered it because it was hot outside and I happened to turn on the AC. This will make our Spring Service call a lot easier. :)

Anyway, as always, I really appreciated the speed of your response to my call, the courtesy of your technicians, and the good work you and your guys do. I just said to my husband that we've been in this house for 16 years and our HV/AC has always been an issue. So has finding the right company to service and maintain it. I think we FINALLY have a winner in Dominick Fuel and I'm one happy customer! Feel free to share my "review".

Thank you again. Have a good day!

Susan S.

Glad I use Dominick!! I called Friday night and had someone at my house in 15 minutes, and they swapped out my old oil tank for a new one on Monday very quickly and efficiently. They have excellent customer service!!

Pamela M. - Norwalk, CT

Chris did a great job with my annual service. Dominick has always been professional, prompt and has provided great customer service for the past 5 years we have been using them.

Jen H. - Westport, CT

Dear Bob and Randy,

This is much belated note but wanted to say how much our family has appreciated your help over the past two years since we've lived in our home. We have had numerous problems with our air conditioners, water heaters and humidifiers and each time you send a service man, he has shown the most exemplary customer service anyone can ask for.

Most recently, I had to leave Lenny in our house while he completed a job. He took the time to lock up the house thoroughly before he left and closed the garage door. Your service men not only provided excellent customer service but they can also be trusted to leave in your home. This is a valuable asset your staff holds and I appreciate their honesty and trust. Please thank Ted, Hector, Lenny and Bob-all of which have spent time in our home!

Thank you again for taking such great care of our home. We appreciate the hard work and efforts your staff has put in to correct the problems we had. We look forward to continuing many years of service with you.

Tracy M. - Darien, CT

Thanks for the prompt and frequent service to solve our heating problems in our New Canaan home while we were away. You and your staff did not give up until they were sure everything was OK. We have been very pleased over the years to be a customer of Dominicks.

Thomas J H. - New Canaan, CT


Thank you for the timely solution to our heating/hot water problem. I REALLY appreciate everything you, Bob and Ted made happen on such short notice. As you can imagine, this type of client service would be valued in a normal situation, and only that much more appreciated in a PINCH!!!!

Thank you again to all, and Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!!

David & Julia M.