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Why Heating Oil is a Better and Safer Choice than Natural Gas

- 12:43 pm - July 11th, 2013

If you have natural gas or are thinking about making the switch to it, we’re prepared to convince you why heating oil is the better and safer choice for your home heating comfort. Gas utilities spend millions advertising their fuel as plentiful and domestic, so we understand if you feel compelled to use natural gas. However, there is plenty about natural gas the utility companies aren’t telling you. So before making any major decisions, be sure to take a look at the cold hard facts.

Heating oil is more efficient: A heating oil flame is hotter than a natural gas flame; so heating oil systems heat your home and hot water faster. 

Heating oil is green: Heating oil burns cleanly and is 95% cleaner than it was in 1970. Utility companies have such a high demand for natural gas that they use liquefied natural gas (LNG), which has a larger carbon footprint than domestic gas.  

Heating oil is better for the environment: Natural gas is 95% methane, which is a green house gas with 72 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and it’s constantly leaking into the atmosphere from leaks in gas pipelines. Heating oil burns 99.9% clean, and today’s burner emission rates are approaching near-zero levels.

Heating oil is safer: It is a non-explosive liquid that doesn’t ignite at room temperature, and if you have an oil burner malfunction, your heating system will give off signs before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Natural gas has caused many homes to explode, and gives no warning of CO production or release.

Heating oil is easier to pay for: Dominick Fuel's EZ Pay Budget Plan lets you spread out your costs over 12 months and cut your winter fuel payments significantly. If your consumption cost is more or less than we've estimated, we' can work with you to ensure a zero balance by the end of the budget year.

Heating oil is convenient: Converting to gas means trading in a relationship with a local provider like Dominick Fuel to do business with a large, faceless gas utility. Natural gas customers are forced to rely on two different businesses since utility companies don’t service home equipment. With their business divided, natural gas customers might feel insignificant and powerless when they need help the most.

All Dominick Fuel customers enjoy 24-hour emergency service, and rely on us for all their heating needs from automatic delivery to tune-ups and repairs.

For more information about the advantages of heating oil over natural gas, click here or give call us a call today as (203) 866-5836. You may also contact us online.

Convert your thinking, not your fuel.

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