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Superstorm Sandy Important Information

- 1:00 pm - November 20th, 2012

Our sympathies go out to everyone affected by Super Storm Sandy.  We have worked very hard to try and get all that were affected by the storm back up and running. We were successful for most of you, but we know that there are still many of you that have been displaced because of the degree of damage that this storm has caused.

Some issues that our customers experienced ranged from power outages and electrical surges that ruined many electrical devices.  These may have been caused by generator malfunctions and or the power grid.

If your home was flooded with saltwater, you will want to do the following things to protect your home from more damage and costlier repairs:

  1. If you haven’t had your basement washed down with freshwater we suggest you do.
  2. Any electrical wiring should be replaced.  It will dry out, but the salt deposits will be left on all terminals and over time will corrode, causing electrical issues in your home.
  3. Check Fuel Tanks for Water Damage- In-Ground tanks should be measured for water.
  4. Inside and above ground fuel tanks that were in saltwater should be washed down with freshwater being careful not to get the water in the fuel gauge.
  5. To prevent corrosion of your fuel pumps, we do recommend replacement.
  6. Any Ductwork, Hot Air Furnaces, Air Handlers, in the basement and  A/c Condensers that were outside under water,  need to be replaced. 
  7. Replacing your boiler is also recommended if it has been in salt water.

Please call us at 203-866-5836 with any concerns you may have. Our only mission is to help get you comfortable again, as quickly as possible.



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