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Simple Math: How Routine Maintenance Adds Up to Be Well Worth Your While

- 1:03 pm - September 28th, 2012

Let’s just say there’s a “financial component” to routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system, and the impact it has on your bottom line is far more than the investment you make in the maintenance itself.

Indeed, for that fairly nominal fee, you receive a set of services and guarantees that yield many benefits, including:

Savings on Energy – This is perhaps the number one benefit of routine maintenance. With your heating and cooling costs taking up nearly half of your home’s energy use, the energy efficiency of your comfort system takes the biggest chunk of your energy dollars. As your system gets a little TLC in the form of cleaning, adjusting, lubricating and minor parts replacements, it runs smoother, with less strain and greater efficiency.  

Savings on Repairs – The primary purpose of routine maintenance is to detect a potential problem before it gets bigger, costlier and very inconvenient. Catch something small before it grows – and you get to choose how to solve the problem, instead of finding yourself in an emergency situation.

Savings on Equipment Life – Replacing a home comfort system is considered a major investment for your home. So taking care of it year after year will help it last longer and serve you better.  In the meantime, your equipment parts also last longer – because they’re taken care of.

Continued Comfort, Less Inconvenience – One of the nice things about preventive maintenance is that it is “scheduled” service. You make the appointment for a time that is convenient for you. In the meantime, there’s no interruption of your comfort. On the other hand, an unmaintained system is heading for a breakdown, and chances are that breakdown will occur at a very inconvenient time. Plus, it could stop running entirely – leaving you and your family in the cold.


Discover how you can get all the savings above with our Maintenance SavingsPlan.

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