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Save with our Bioheat Heating Oil

- 12:39 pm - October 25th, 2013

Our goal at Dominick Fuel is to heat your home in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way possible. To fulfill this goal we fill all of our customers’ oil tanks withBioheat, our renewable biodegradable blend of heating oil and soybean/vegetable oil. Bioheat is ecologically and economically beneficial to all of Connecticut!
Bioheat is made from renewable resources produced in America and is blended close to home. This helps our local economy and reduces America’s dependence on foreign fuel. Bioheat also burns cleaner than regular heating oil, meaning it greatly reduces emissions that contribute to air pollution and global warming. This cleaner burn not only helps the environment, it also helps you save money.  Bioheat costs about the same as heating oil but contains fewer impurities, which reduces the wear and tear on your system and leads to fewer breakdowns, longer equipment life and better fuel efficiency.
Contact us to find out more about Bioheat and its benefits!

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