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Rising Electricity Rates

- 10:54 am - January 13th, 2014

Record price spikes in natural gas has impacted electricity rates for the near future.  We believe it would be best for all our customers that purchase electricity from us ( to switch back to your local utility, either CL&P or United Illuminating.  If you purchase your electricity from a supplier other than CL&P or United Illuminating, we recommend you call your company and find out what rate you are currently paying. If you are on a variable rate, you probably are paying more for your electricity than need be. If you are on a capped or fixed rate your pricing may be fine. Hopefully we will be able to be more competitive in the near future but for the time being we believe this is in your best interest.

This article entitled "Analysis: Arctic chill exposes weakness of U.S. natural gas system" written by Julia Edwards on explains the situation more in depth.  

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