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Radiant Heating: The Smart Source for Heat

- 1:09 pm - August 21st, 2015

Before you know it, you’ll be shutting down your air conditioning for the year and preparing for the heating season. Are you looking for a whole new level of heating comfort and economic efficiency? If you are, the perfect solution is right under your feet – radiant heating! A radiant heating system uses small hot water pipes installed underneath your floorboards or tiles to distribute warmth throughout your home. The heat travels up from its source, warms everything it contacts, and disperses throughout the room. Sound comfy?
Dominick expertly installs state-of-the-art radiant heating systems built by industry-leading manufacturers. Because it is installed beneath floors and even behind walls, radiant heating is optimal for new homes and homes that are under extensive renovation. In some homes, radiant heating can be retrofitted as well. There are many great reasons why radiant heating is a great heating solution: 
  • Cozy comfort on contact: Say goodbye to uncomfortably cold feet! Because radiant heating starts from the ground up, it hits everything in its path as it rises up from the floor, which means you get 100% of the warmth.

  • Indoor and outdoor versatility: Radiant heat isn’t limited to being set up under your floors or you can set it up behind your walls,

  • Economic Energy Efficiency: Radiant heating can cost as much as 40% less than forced-air heating systems, which means massive savings for you. And speaking of more money, radiant heating technology increases the resale value of your home.

  • Improved indoor air quality and reduced noise: Because there are no vents or fans involved, you don't have to worry about dust, dirt and allergens getting blown around your home. No vents or fans also means you get to enjoy the sweet sound of silence.
With such benefits, you’ll wonder why you didn’t install radiant heating many seasons ago. Contact Dominick today if you’re ready to experience radiant heating and all of its benefits. 

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