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It's Time for your Heating System Tune-Up!

- 12:40 pm - August 20th, 2013

We realize summer is still in full swing, and your heating system is probably the last thing on your mind, but summer is the perfect time to schedule your annual system maintenance. Dominick Fuel wants to ensure that when temperatures begin to drop, your system is ready to rise to the occasion.

Our heating system tune-up includes: 

  • Inspection of combustion chambers.
  • Cleaning and checking of electrodes and nozzle assembly.
  • Replacement of air filters, oil filters and burner nozzle if necessary.
  • Oiling all motors on burners, blowers and circulators, when applicable.
  • Checking all safety and operating controls.
  • Checking oil tank and lines where accessible.

And don't forget all the benefits you receive with a heating system tune-up:

  • A well-tuned heating system uses less fuel, and achieves the same level of warmth and comfort.
  • By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses to heat your home, you'll reduce your energy bills too. A tune-up can reduce heating bills by 5 percent!
  • When our expert Dominick Fuel technicians performs a tune-up for your boiler or furnace, they are likely to spot any worn out parts that could lead to a system failure during winter. They will then provide you with the best options you'll need to move forward and replace any faulty parts.

As the heating season approaches, our calendar fills up with appointments, so take advantage and call today. You'll be ahead of the crowd and reap the benefits sooner!

Plus, when you are enrolled in one of Dominick Fuel's service plans, you're tune-up is covered! So what are you waiting for? Call us today at 203-866-5836 or schedule a tune-up online.

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