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It’s Air Conditioner Tune-Up Time!

- 12:51 pm - May 13th, 2013

With air conditioning season around the corner, you’ll need your air conditioner working at its highest efficiency. Getting your air conditioner serviced is the same principles as annual dental cleaning or routine maintenance to a car.

Did you know that the build up of dirt on an air conditioner’s indoor coil can dramatically reduce efficiency? Just .01 of an inch of dirt is enough to decrease results by up to 5 percent. That’s why you need annual maintenance on your air conditioning system! At Dominick Fuel we can help examine your AC system and make sure it’s working at its best.

With A 13 Point Tune-Up, Our Technicians Will:

  1. Lubricate & check all moving parts including bearings, blower motor, condenser fan (and adjust belt, if applicable).
  2. Evaluate condition of air filters; replace with standard disposable fiberglass filters.
  3. Check evaporator coil.
  4. Check refrigerant charge; additional refrigerant requires an extra charge plus labor.
  5. Test "temperature drop" at return and supply air.
  6. Install gauges and check operating pressures.
  7. Check condensate to make sure draining at the time of visit to help protect against overflow.
  8. Tighten and safety test all wires and connections.
  9. Check controls for proper operation.
  10. Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.
  11. Inspect, start and run capacitors and inspect relays for bulges, rust and leaks.
  12. Check outdoor condenser coil.
  13. Inform customer of equipment condition. Recommend A/C repairs when necessary.


During the warmer months, air conditioning can account for up to 70 percent of your utility bill. By getting an air conditioning system tune-up, you’re taking the steps necessary to avoid poor performance and costly repairs. That’s a worthwhile investment!

To schedule your air conditioning tune-up, please call us at 203-866-5836 or log into your account. And don’t forget our 13-Point Spring Tune-Up is included in our AC Maintenance Savings Plan and all our AC service plans.

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