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The Importance of Getting Your Tune-Up Done Ahead of Time

- 1:24 pm - June 15th, 2015

Regular maintenance and tune-ups are key to the longevity of your heating and cooling system. There’s nothing more frustrating than entering a particularly uncomfortable summer with a cooling system that just isn’t running like it should, or having your heating system fail you in the middle of a cold winter night. Schedule your annual tune-up with our certified maintenance experts before the heating season begins or cooling season kicks into high gear.
When you sign up for our Heating and Cooling Maintenance Savings Plans, you get the following benefits:
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Increased lifespan of all your equipment
  • Lower utility cost due to more efficient energy use
  • Priority service ensuring we’re there whenever you need us
  • Discounts and loyalty reward credits that are added annually and can be used for savings on new heating or cooling equipment 
Don’t wait until mid-season to have your heating or cooling system tuned-up and revamped! Get your system looked at by a Dominick specialist in advance to enjoy a whole season of top-quality home comfort. 
Contact us today to quickly and conveniently schedule your heating or cooling system tune-up

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