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Heating Oil is a Better Choice Than Natural Gas

- 10:46 am - May 29th, 2014

Heating oil is, without a doubt, the best fuel for home heating. While many in Connecticut are switching to natural gas, Dominick Fuel is here to provide evidence that proves it pays to stay with heating oil. Here are just a few of the many benefits of heating oil:
Heating oil is efficient: A heating oil flame is hotter than a natural gas flame,  so heating oil systems heat your home and hot water faster than natural gas. This means heating oil will go further toward heating your home than an equal amount of natural gas.
Heating oil is good for the environment: Heating oil burns 99.9% clean, and today’s burner emission rates are approaching near-zero levels. Natural gas, on the other hand, releases ozone-depleting methane that constantly pollutes the environment through natural gas leaks. In addition, according to a recent report by the House Committee on National Resource, in 2011 natural gas leaks released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere equal to the emissions of 6 million cars.
Heating oil is safe: It is a non-explosive liquid that doesn’t ignite at room temperature, and in the rare case that you have an oil burner malfunction, your heating system will give off signs before releasing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Conversely, natural gas is highly flammable and can explode without warning, putting your family in danger. 
Additionally, heating oil releases during delivery are extremely rare. Natural gas, however, is delivered to homes via underground pipelines that are vulnerable to damage and are rarely fixed immediately. If a natural gas leak is considered a category 2 or category 3, i.e. not a threat of imminent explosion, gas companies can leave them leaking despite the leaks’ negative environmental impact and potential safety risks.
Heating oil dealers offer better service: At Dominick Fuel, we employ local people, pay local taxes, and support local organizations. We are part of the fabric of the local community, and its well-being is very important to us. The natural gas utilities are nameless, faceless organizations with no ties to Connecticut other than that we increase their bottom line.
Visit our Oil Vs. Gas page and contact us for more information about the advantages of heating oil over natural gas.

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