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Experience Rejuvenation with a Home Humidifier

- 1:04 pm - February 11th, 2016

High-quality home comfort isn’t only about heating and cooling. Maintaining proper humidity levels is key to the health and well-being of you and your family – especially in the winter, when the air is driest. You may have already noticed the adverse effects dry indoor air can have on both your comfort and your mindset; cracked and irritated skin, a sore throat, increased allergies, intensified asthma symptoms, and general sluggishness are all telltale signs of insufficiently humidified air. And with the demanding schedule you keep, feeling anything less than 100% simply won’t do.        
We offer a range of humidifiers that provide healthy indoor air and promote increased comfort. A home humidifier will help:
  • Reduce risk of airborne infections: Spread of viruses and bacteria is inhibited by humidified air.
  • Reduce heating bills: Because moist air feels warmer than dry air, you won’t need to crank your heat as high to feel cozy and warm. 
  • Promote softer, healthier skin: A humidifier prevents damaging effects of dry air, like cracking, flaking, dullness, and even accelerated aging.
  • Improve sinuses and help eliminate sore throat: Sleeping with a humidifier on will help keep your nose and throat clear – so you can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.
  • Quicker healing times: If you bring home a cold, sinus infection or flu, a humidifier will keep your nasal passages and throat moist, which reduces symptoms and helps you recuperate faster.
  • Protect wood furnishings and floors: A humidifier doesn’t just benefit your health – it helps your furniture too. Humidified air preserves the luster and integrity of wooden hardware and furnishings, such as doors, tables, hardwood floors and moldings, keeping them from drying out, cracking and coming apart.
Sound refreshing? Finding the right humidifier for your home is a breeze with our selection of models from Aprilaire® and Nortec®. With refreshingly humidified air in your home, you and your family will be amazed at the difference pure air can make for your health and mindset! 
Contact Dominick today to pick out your humidifier, and get ready for rejuvenation.

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