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Easy Home Maintenance You Can Do Yourself!

- 12:45 pm - June 5th, 2013

At Dominick Fuel, we are always looking for ways to help our valued customers save time and money—even when we’re not there. The summer usually provides homeowners with spare time to check on things around the house and we’d like to give you some pointers. Although repair and installation should always be left to a Dominick Fuel professional, there are several DIY projects you can tackle and many ways you can conserve energy.

How to Adjust Your Thermostat for Energy Savings…
Adjusting your thermostat can save a significant amount of money off your fuel bill - Take a look at our interactive thermostat to see how much you could save!
How to Check for Air Leaks in Your Home…
The most common leak spots occur where pipes and wires enter the building, gaps around chimneys, unfinished spaces, behind cupboards and closets, and points where different siding materials intersect. Follow these steps to see if you have a leak:
  • Pass a lit incense stick around suspected areas and if smoke gets sucked or blown, there’s a leak
  • Turn off lights at night and shine a flashlight at suspected areas while someone stands outside. If you can see the light shining through a crack, there’s a leak
How to Check for Signs of a Possible Aboveground Tank Release… 
Watch for signs on your tank's surface like rust, weeping, or wet spots... signs of leakage around the filter, valves, gauge or piping ... or a heating oil scent in the basement. 
Before you forget about your Heating System this summer…
It’s important to make sure it will work come winter. You don’t want to get stuck in the cold! 
  1. TURN UP: Make sure the emergency switch is in the "on" position and turn up the thermostat at least 10 degrees higher than the actual room temperature.
  2. TUNE IN: Next, listen carefully. Within a few minutes you should hear your heating oil equipment hum into action.
  3. SWITCH ON: If the equipment doesn't start up, press the reset button on your heating oil burner's relay. You only need to press it once.
If your heating system won’t start, consider these points: 
  • Are the emergency switches off? (There may be two: one at the stairs and one at the boiler.)
  • Did the fuse or circuit breaker for your equipment trip?
  • Is the thermostat set properly?
If a problem arises that you can’t solve yourself, you can always count on Dominick Fuel’s professionals. We are dedicated to your home comfort no matter the season.

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