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Bioheat® Heating Oil is Getting Bigger

- 12:25 pm - July 14th, 2016

As environmentally responsible home comfort providers, Dominick has long advocated for the use of Bioheat heating oil as a clean, green alternative to conventional Oilheat. We deliver Bioheat® heating oil to all of our heating oil delivery customers, because it’s American-made, clean burning, requires no modifications to existing heating systems, produces more heat than any alternative fuel, and costs the same as conventional heating oil. 
Of course, Dominick has known all of this for a while because oil is our business. Fortunately, more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of Bioheat heating oil as well. Just look at what’s going on in New York City. The American Energy Coalition reports on a rally that recently took place at the City Council, bringing together politicians, environmentalists and energy professionals. The three groups share a common cause as they’re all working together to rally support for a bill that would raise the minimum biodiesel content of New York City’s heating oil from 2% to 5% and eventually to 20%. 
Speaking at a recent rally, Council Member Costa Constantinides pointed out that Bioheat heating oil:

  • Reduces pollution
  • Results in cleaner air quality
  • Improves public health
  • And can help NYC reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050
These benefits might seem somewhat removed from life here in the suburbs of Connecticut, but the truth is that Bioheat heating oil improves life for all of us. And reduced pollution means cleaner, greener neighborhoods for everyone.
You can find out more about Bioheat heating oil on our website or by contacting Dominick

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